Stop throwing videos away.

All existing screen recording software records the pixels on your screen while you demonstrate your app. The pixels in those videos are completely static.

When your app changes, you have to recreate the videos.

Our app is different.

How it works:

When you record a new video with our app, it records your steps instead of the pixels on your screen.

Our bot then re-records your video automatically, by replaying your steps on new releases of your application.

Just three easy steps.

Step #1

Record your product demo in our app.

Step #2

Create the final edit.

Record your voice-over.
Hide any steps you don’t want to show in the video (such as logging in).
Insert video’s (think: branded intro, video of talking head) or text.

Step #3


You can either embed the video in your website, online academy, knowledge-base, or post it to a video platform such as Youtube or Vimeo.

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