From an idea to a professional, published video in 3 easy steps.

Step #1

Record your product demo in our app.

Our app has a special browser built in. It truly understands what buttons you press, and what text you enter. So if you make a typo and fix it while recording, we can make it look perfect by skipping the typo.
Feel free to record in a rush, or run off to get some coffee. Our app automatically fixes and smoothes out any timing issues, so the resulting video is consistent and always easy to understand for your viewers.

Step #2

Edit in seconds, add a voice-over.

Record a voice-over for the steps you want to explain.
Hide steps you don’t want to show in the video, with a single click.
Insert slides, or other videos like a branded intro to add a finishing touch.

Step #3

Copy-paste to share or embed.

You can directly share a link, or embed the video in your website, knowledge-base, or wherever, without having to wait for anything to render. You also don’t need to upload it anywhere because we host it for you. And if you do want to post it to places like Youtube, you can export the video file, too.

and remember

You can keep making changes.
Viewers will only see the latest-greatest version.

You can even still update parts of the voice over. So you can publish something quickly and have a colleague re-do the voice-overs if you prefer their voice.

Justin shows how to create a video, in 2 minutes:

The resulting video:

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