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Video is the best way to explain digital products. But keeping videos current with changes in your products is hard work.
Record Once solves this for once and forever.

Record your product video once and we keep the video in sync with your product, for ever.

Record Once does the heavy lifting for you

People are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video

Product videos are incredibly effective. They allow people to instantly see if your product solves their problem. And gives them the confidence to buy, download or sign up to your product.

Re-recording videos is painful and time consuming

Your product team is moving fast, evolving the product to incorporate user feedback and new feature request that you need to sell your product. But with every product iteration you end up having to re-record your videos or risk your users feeling confused or feeling like your product is unprofessional and unreliable.

Record once

You record the video once, and our bots update the videos and keep them in sync with your product, forever. Every time your product team pushes a new release we push out a new video. Keeping your product videos in sync has never been so easy!

Who is this for?

Digital products get the most value from Record Once. SaaS companies, web apps, complicated web sites, browser based (mobile) applications are all good candidates.

Brainchild of Justin Halsall

The mind behind Spotify Running. Formerly the face of IBM for Developer and Startup outreach in North America and Europe. Apache Foundation Committer, former Technology Evangelist for SoftLayer, and multiple time startup CTO, Justin is founder and CEO of Record Once.

Recent customer videos

Here are some examples of automated videos created for our customers.

Updated daily

Our bots update these videos to keep them reflecting your product. Most product changes the bots will be able to handle automatically, and for peace of mind we keep you in the loop on bigger changes.

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