Create professional video demos in minutes.

No video skills required.

Screencast tools are stuck in the 90s. They’re stressful and waste your time.

All existing screen recording tools record the pixels on your screen like you’re making a home movie or TV show. They don’t understand anything about your app, so they can’t do anything smart to make things easier.

A lot of stress, time and skills are required to create high-quality videos with those tools. And if you make a mistake, you have to start all over again.

Our tool is different.

Our app is stress-free and saves time. Because it is forgiving, easy, and much, much more efficient.

When you record a new video with our app, it records your actual actions on your app, instead of just the pixels on your screen.
Now that it understands what you do on your app, it can be smart and actively help you out.

It fixes your mistakes, adjusts the speed so the videos are consistent and easy to follow, and matches your voice-over to what happens on the screen.

And after sharing or embedding the video with a simple copy-paste, you can still keep working on it; viewers will always see the latest version.

How to create a video with Record Once, in 2 minutes:

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