Create video tutorials in minutes

Create video tutorials in minutes

with AI that edits and fixes mistakes.

with AI that edits and fixes mistakes.

Super fast. Dummy proof.


You record as quickly as you can demo your product.


The AI edits and removes mistakes.


You just add the finishing touches.

And you’re done!

Turns anyone into a video pro, instantly.

Our AI turns any recording into a professional, polished video.

Thijs Cadier

Founder at AppSignal

“We used to work with a designer who would spend days creating videos. When he left, our video abilities disappeared with him. With Record Once everyone on our team can finally do it themself.”

David van Leeuwen

Founder at

“Record Once is truly next-level. Screen recorders feel dumb in comparison.”

Ninh Bui

CEO at Phusion

“Creating videos used to feel like getting on a hamster wheel. Re-recording the same steps over and over, hours of fiddling with frames, days of frustration for a minute of video. That’s a thing of the past now!”

A screen recorder that records code, not pixels.

Giving you unparalleled editing capabilities.

How this magic works.

Our tool has a browser built in that records your web app. It records all of the HTML and CSS, and how your app responds when you interact with it. It understands what buttons you click and what text you type. Even that you corrected a typo. Therefore it can tweak everything on the fly during playback. The end result looks like a super high-res, super smooth video, but in fact it’s animated HTML and CSS that’s controlled by our AI.

Automatic text guides with screenshots.

Some people still prefer text, and that’s great for SEO too.

Done in minutes.

Go from recording to publishing in less time it takes to make a coffee.

Automatic editing.

No more sorting through frames in a timeline, tweaking timing, or starting from scratch. It’s so easy that you can just focus on creating great tutorials.

Automatic voice-overs.

Let the AI do the talking, or record your own voice or camera.

Finishing touches done in seconds.

Remove a step, or add a slide or call to action. All in a matter of clicks.

Publish instantly.

Never wait for rendering or uploading, ever again.

Automatic text guides with screenshots.

No more sorting through frames in a timeline, tweaking timing, or starting from scratch. It’s so easy that you can just focus on creating great tutorials.

Never worry about recording mistakes, ever again.

We’ll make it look like they never happened.

Hide your typos.

Corrected a typo while you recorded? We make it look like the typo never happened.

Drag-and-drop editing.

Change the order of your steps without having to learn video editing.

Remove mistakes in a single click.

Each step can be hidden or removed with simple point and click. No more do-overs, no need to learn video editing.

Keep videos in sync with your evolving product.

Update existing videos instantly.

Partial updates.

Replace parts of existing videos. Regardless of when you made the first version.

Update embeds everywhere.

Make your change, hit update, and the video is changed everywhere. Years later too.

Consistent format across your team.

The same look and feel, regardless of who created the individual videos.

Buttery smooth, crisp 4K video at 120+ FPS. Without the huge filesize.

Videos are resolution independent and play back at the maximum frame rate that your display supports.

4K video

120+ FPS

Small file size

For teams:

Easy to learn. Easy to delegate.

Stay on-brand with zero effort.

No video skills required, so can be done across your team.

Centralized branding.

Quick turnarounds.

Videos can still be updated years later.

Hosting included.

Comes with everything you need to create, host, share and publish amazing video tutorials.