Borne out of frustration

After seeing how the biggest tech companies keep their demonstration videos up-to-date, Justin was absolutely amazed. Hundreds of teams working on different videos with the vast majority of videos always being out-of-date. That meant the video tutorials would be confusing to users, as they demonstrated old versions of the products. The common solution was to simply delete all videos every year and re-make them from scratch.

That’s the problem we are solving once and for all.

Meet the makers


Justin Halsall

Justin Halsall


Multiple time startup CTO. The mind behind Spotify Running. Formerly the face of IBM for Developer and Startup outreach in North America and Europe. Apache Foundation Committer, former Technology Evangelist for SoftLayer.
Father. Possesses crazy cocktail-making skills.

Joris Machielse

Joris Machielse


Has 22 years of experience in software engineering, product development. Started several companies, created and scaled apps that have been used by millions of people worldwide. Deeply experienced in building web crawlers, user-generated video and marketing platforms.

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