RecordOnce 3.2.31: CSS overrides across all videos, browser upgrade and bug fixes

January 19, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the release of RecordOnce 3.2.31, packed with updates that we've been eagerly working on to enhance your experience. Here's what's new:

🎨 Apply Adjustments Across All of Your Videos with CSS overrides

Ever wanted more control over how your videos look? We've heard you! Now, you can request to override the CSS in your videos. This means more flexibility in presentation, including the ability to remove cookie banners for a cleaner, more focused video experience. Just reach out over support if you want to use this feature.

🐞 Bug Fixes Galore: We're always on the hunt for pesky bugs, and we've squashed a couple in this release:

  • No more déjà vu! We've fixed an issue where parts of the recorded website appeared twice in your recordings.

  • We've also resolved a crash that occurred when signing in with Google accounts during a recording. Smooth sailing ahead!

🌐 Upgraded Built-in Browser: To keep up with the rapidly evolving web, we've upgraded our built-in browser to a newer version of Chrome. Expect a more seamless recording experience that's in tune with the latest web standards and technologies.

We're committed to making RecordOnce the best tool for your recording needs, and these updates are a step further in that direction. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so keep it coming!