For everyone.

Outshine your competitors with more professional video demos and tutorials. No agency required.

Takes minutes, not hours or days. Record as fast as you can demo your product. Show as slowly as a first-time customer needs your videos to be.

Batteries included. A single tool to record, edit, share and embed video tutorials.

No video editing skills required. Our tool does 90% of the editing for you. The rest is just a few clicks away.

Automatic polish. Small recording mistakes are fixed automagically.

No need to re-do everything when you made a mistake. Keep updating your videos after you share or embed. People will only see the latest-greatest version.

Stress-free recording. 1) Other tools make you re-do a recording if you made a mistake, we automatically hide your typos. 2) You don’t have to pay attention to timing, because we automatically adjust the timing to match your voice over.

Idea/todo: Maybe we should write a separate section on the homepage on what we mean with “high-quality” with a pic/vid to show/prove it. Could be compact with a tab/switch like Framer does it.

Items like:

- Consistency across your team. Every video has the same high quality, regardless who on your team recorded them.

- Consistent speed that’s easy to follow for people who don’t know your app yet. Regardless of whether you recorded in a rush, or went for a coffee break in the middle of a recording session.

- Hides your mouse movements so you don’t have to pay attention to how you do them, and we only show a beautiful, consistent click animation.


- Matches your voice-over to what happens on screen. This normally requires a lot of editing work, but we do this automatically.

- Experiment with different voice-overs until you’re completely happy.

- Easily get someone else to record the voice-over for you, like a colleague with a great voice, or even a professional voice actor.

- Hides your typos

For sales teams:

Get more sales, by doing more demos in less time.

Let your product do the talking. Convince leads with visual proof that shows your actual product.

Show don’t tell: convince leads with visual proof that shows your actual product.

Save precious time, by replacing repetitive demos with high-quality videos that explain your product.

Re-usable, high-quality videos without bothering marketing.

For marketing teams:

Outshine your competitors with more professional video demos.

High production values, without the cost of an agency, in minutes, not days.

Outshine your competitors with more professional video demos.

For customer success and support:

Activate and retain more customers by helping them understand your product better.