The only screen recording tool that understands your product.

The only screen recording tool that understands your product.

The only screen recording tool that understands your product.

Create professional video demos in minutes. No editing or video skills required.

no credit card needed

Here’s how it works, explained in 2 minutes:

“Record Once is truly next-level. Other screen recorders feel dumb in comparison.”

David van Leeuwen

Founder at

“We used to work with a designer who would spend days creating videos. But when he left, our video strategy disappeared with him.
Since we found Record Once, we can finally do it ourselves.”

Thijs Cadier

Founder at AppSignal

“Creating videos used to feel like getting on a hamster wheel. Re-recording the same steps over and over, hours of fiddling with frames, days of frustration for a minute of video. That’s a thing of the past now!”

Ninh Bui

CEO at Phusion

The “old” way of creating tutorial videos is broken.

Creating a one minute video takes days, or weeks.

Recording your screen and your voice in tandem feels like juggling, and just increases the chance you'll have to do a retake.

Dozens of takes and countless hours of editing for just a few minutes of video.

Don’t have video skills? Either you have to hire someone else, or accept a poor end result.

Collaborating is hard.

Pacing is tricky. Go too quickly and your users won’t be able to follow. Too slow and people disengage.

Videos are so hard to make and maintain, that you don’t bother making them at all.

What if you could create professional video demos, yourself, in minutes, without any video skills?

Our solution:

Mistakes are fixed automatically.

Mouse animations are smoothed automatically.

So easy that anyone can create them.

Collaborating is as easy as sharing a link.

Existing videos can be updated easily, and viewers only see the latest-greatest version.

Timing is matched to your voice-overs automatically, so you can even experiment with different voice-overs.

The app understands the actions you recorded, so hiding an action takes a single click, and doesn’t require any editing at all.

Pacing is consistent, and slow enough so your users can easily understand. Even when you recorded in a rush.


Create your first video within 5 minutes.

How it works.

Screen recording tools are dumb.

They don’t understand what they are recording; it’s all just pixels and frames to them. They make it your responsibility to get the video just right.

Record Once is smart.

It understands your app and the actions you take. It understands what buttons you click and what you type. Even that you corrected a typo. Therefore, we can make it our responsibility to give you great videos out of the box, no endless re-takes or editing required.

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Create your first video within 5 minutes.

no credit card required